My name is Eric Young, I create art, comics, picture books and anything else I can imagine. Please excuse the chaos while I rebuild this website (Jan2019-EY) 

I am currently not taking anymore book commissions while I finish my personal art project A Song of Ink and Pen.

I am still open to small illustration, concept designs, anthology projects or character commission. Send me an email or message on my social media profiles if you’re interested.  

Welcome to my website


Click here for a collection of my artwork

Contact me

If your a fan of my artwork and want to connect please send me a message by clicking here.

A Song of Ink and Pen

To see the self publishing projects I am working on please click here.


Characters and Archetypes is the first project in my three part art experiment A Song of Ink and Pen. 

The whole goal of this first project is to connect to you! I want to find the others out there who are like me and interested in the same ideas I am. By connecting and communicating we can all  grow our imaginations and our potentials far larger then any of us could do alone. 

As a gift to this community I want to give away some of my artwork to you. If your interested in connecting and getting on of my D&D original character illustrations please click here or on the image above. 

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