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Visionary Art is art that attempts to transcend the physical world and portray a wider vision of awareness including spiritual or mystical themes.

Mysterious Nature - Life and Death Series

Mysterious Nature – The natural symbolism I put into this illustration series was a reflection of my meditations on how Death exists in balance with Life.

-Art not currently for sale.-

The Mind's Crown

Illustration Details

The Mind’s Crown – As I continued my meditations on Life and Death I discovered a mysterious Mushroom. Through ingestion and contemplation the spirit of creativity and of the Imagination itself became more clear.

I painted this vision to symbolize that creative spirit. The spirit of death and rebirth; of change and transformation. Above it’s third eye sit’s the Philosopher’s Stone. Dare we grasp it?  

As we refine our communion with this spirit, new possibilities and pathways for our species come into existence. 

-Art not currently for sale.-

The Psychedelic Mysteries Of Self

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The Psychedelic Mysteries Of Self – Through this communion with the creative spirit, I began to question the material nature of reality. 

What is this form we have? Who are we as individuals? What future does evolution have in mind for a species of Ape that’s convinced it’s a God?

We seem to be locked in an eternal cycle that is spiraling towards the next great evolutionary step in this pocket of novelty of the Universe.

-Art not currently for sale.-

-Exploration in narratives-

The Transcendental Object At The End of Time

Illustration Details

The Transcendental Object at the End of Time – This illustration represents a series of visions about our species future. Our species innate obsession with metal and matter will inevitably lead us to the birth of AI. This will lead the first union of animate and inanimate matter in our corner of the Universe. All the dust around our star will be united in consciousness, but what this means for our species and our cosmic neighborhood still remains to be seen. 

This is a small piece of a larger story that I am currently working on writing and illustrating. 

-Art is currently not for sale.-

Communion Of The Ents

Illustration Details

Communion of the Ents – This illustration is based on a series of visions about another course for humanities future. What is we could abandon this world of metal and machines and return to our union with the true rulers of this planet, the Trees.  

These silent custodians of the planet have sat by and allowed the animals to roam freely but now one species of Ape have become too powerful to ignore. They reveal themselves to mankind and offer a union with their flesh so that we may live as many days as a tree and so much more. Also this path reveals a chance to seed the cosmos with forest worlds that will last until the dying of the last star.

This is a small piece of a larger story that I am currently working on writing and illustrating. 

-Art is currently not for sale.-

Why am I creating all this art? ...I have no idea...

I’ve been gripped by something the moves me but does not fully reveal what I should be creating next. But I have faith that all this is building towards something…

I plan to begin sharing this side of my art with the world of social media some time in 2022. Keep watch for new updates.

"Do People Have Ideas Or Do Ideas Have People?"

This is a quote from Carl Jung and is the original idea that led to this painting’s creation.

The mystery around language, thought and of consciousness is something I think about often. 

We do not know where or how our greatest idea and invention, spoken abstract language was invented or originated. But they are given to us at birth, take hold of our minds, shape our perspectives and then direct our bodies actions.

Inside our minds these linguistic ideas are constantly metamorphizing into new forms and propagate themselves back into the universe looking for new hosts. 

The artistic expressive endeavor found in poetry and painting is humanities way of allowing ideas to safely live, evolve and die within our collective consciousness before they destructively manifest themselves in society. 

Visionary art and psychedelic experiences puts us in contact with some of the most powerful ideas. It inspires the viewer to turn inward and examine the hidden images and words that are shaping your existence.

I believe it is an important endeavor for artist for be leading the charge into this battleground of ideas and spirits. Then returning with the vision of the future that might change everything.

“The Artists task is to save the soul of mankind. Anything less is a dithering while Rome burns. Because if the Artists cannot find the way, then the way cannot be found.” – Terence Mckenna

Interdimensional Idea Implant

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